Geometric Patterns Trading Specialist (GPTS)


Course Overview

Geometric patterns trading is a disruptive and innovative apprach in trading the financial makets, especially forex, crypto and other derivatives.

What is Geometric Analysis?

Geometric analysis is a method of evaluating instruments by analysing the statistics generated by market activity like historical prices and volume. Technical traders’ attempt to use the charts in many ways to analyse the instruments they will be trading.

This course is delivered by Kenny Simon, a Senior Lecturer for more then 15 years. Kenny is an experienced Trader, Financial Markets Strategist and Mentor who specialises in the fields of Forex, Crypto and Gold trading (CFD products). He is the founder of a new approach of spotting, drawing, and trading the financial markets, based on Geometric ABCD Patterns©, that derives from the ‘ABCD’ Chart Pattern. To this end, he also created a Trade Plan acronym P.R.I.C.E ©

Kenny is the Co-Founder of the Bretton Financial Trading Academy (BFTA) and Founder of FXCADEMY, both approved training centres by the London Academy of Trading and Investment (ATI.London).

He is also, at a personal level, a Certified Trainer, accredited by the London Academy of Trading and Investment.

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