Certified Hedging Strategist (CHS)


What you will learn

– What a hedge is
– How to hedge without derivatives (options/futures)
– About financial instruments with inverse returns
– About the VIX (Volatility Index)
– How to hedge with options
– The types of stock/index options and the terminology
– The basic option metrics, Delta, Theta, Implied Volatility, Vega and what the mean
– The different types of options hedges and how they are done
– How to decide on a proper hedge for your portfolio
– The disadvantages of hedging
– Whether to hedge your whole portfolio or not
– Much more


– Strong desire to learn how to protect your stock investments
– Passion for learning
– If you are new to investing it is recommended that you take the “Stock Trading and Investing Certificate” course offered at LifeGoals Academy


This course will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to successfully start hedging and protecting your stock portfolio. The course is designed to simplify the rather complex topic of hedging with options. It is presented in simple language with easy-to-follow examples so everyone can fully understand this rather complex topic of hedging with options. Our instructor handpicked the course material that is absolutely vital for you to quickly learn what options are and how to use them. No confusing charts and no overwhelming options theories.
In this course, you will learn how to fill confident entering into an options trade. You will learn about the different possible outcomes of a hedge strategy to avoid any surprises. Upon completion of the course, you will feel ready to invest with no fear and plenty of confidence. What you learn in this course will last you for a lifetime

Who this course is for

– People who are serious about investing in the stock market.
– People who want to become better investors
– People who want to have an extra income from their investments
– People who want to be in charge of the financial future
– People who want to financially secure their retirement
– People who are passionate about the stock market