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Bretton Institute is a leading financial trading academy founded by Kenny Simon. Bretton Institute is an Accredited Training Provider of the London Academy of Trading and Investment (ATI London) offering services and global qualifications to South East Asia, Australia, Canada, Africa and Europe.

Kenny Simon

Kenny Simon is a Trader, Financial Market Strategist and Mentor who specializes in the fields of Forex, Crypto and Gold trading online (CFDs). He is a founder of a new approach of spotting, drawing, and trading based on Geometric ABCD Patterns ©, that derives from the ‘ABCD’ Chart Pattern. He has also created a Trade Plan acronym P.R.I.C.E ©.

Kenny is the Co-Founder of the Bretton Financial Trading Academy (BFTA) and Founder of FXCADEMY. He is a certified trainer and Fellow Member of ATI London – The London Academy of Trading and Investment.

He specializes, whilst having the passion in the following areas: Geopolitics & Economic Intelligence , Technical Analysis predominantly areas of Price Patterns, Price Action and the use of Fibonacci Tools. For Kenny, Trading Psychology involves a process/set of techniques of priming oneself, to achieve Focus, Discipline & Patience. It’s not something you read and be good at after finishing a book.

Additionally, Kenny is the Founder of a global community of traders, previously within the oil and gas industry. Now, for the past 12 years, he has been deeply passionate within the FX & Online Financial Trading arena, with no regrets whatsoever. He has created a specialized approach of investigating the financial markets for Trading Opportunities, catered to serious Traders of all levels & Investors, even if they are from other industries. After all, isn’t Diversification of Portfolio, one of the key strategies to Successful investing?

In summary, Kenny’s analytical and trading methodology, incorporates a sequence of practical steps through his self constructed trade plan, acronymed P.R.I.C.E. Additionally, Kenny is the creator of a new approach of trading using price patterns , called Geometric Trading Method to spot ,draw and trade Geometric Patterns on the Financial Markets.

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